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The VISISONOR Foundation produces high quality projects in the field of: 

  •  Early, Classical and Contemporary Music

  •  Solo and chamber music

  •  Interdisciplinary Performances

  •  Multimedia Installations

  •  Research Projects


VisiSonor was founded in 2003 by the Recorder player Jorge Isaac. Exciting and innovative works are created every year. The productions are performed in different countries, featuring musicianship of the highest quality and top rate professionalism.


VisiSonor produces every year exciting and innovative works. Each production is mostly performed in more than 10 different countries. The Foundation receives every year the sponsorship of the most respected Dutch funding institutions.



The Name

The Visi-Sonor is a device featured in the classic Foundation series by Isaac Asimov. The Visi-sonor, plaid by a skilled performer, could create amazing multimedia environments combining music and visuals. It could also stimulate and manipulate emotions directly.


"Ever hear a Visi-Sonor?" 


"Once," said Bayta, equally casually, "at a concert of rare instruments. I wasn't impressed." 


"Well, I doubt that you came across good playing. There are very few really good players. It's not so much that it requires physical co-ordination - a multi-bank piano requires more, for instance - as a certain type of free-wheeling mentality." In a lower voice, "That's why our living skeleton there might be better than we think. More often than not, good players are idiots otherwise. It's one of those queer setups that makes psychology interesting." 


"You know how the beblistered thing works? I looked it up for this purpose, and all I've made out so far is that its radiations stimulate the optic center of the brain directly, without ever touching the optic nerve. It's actually the utilization of a sense never met with in ordinary nature. Remarkable, when you come to think of it. What you hear is all right. That's ordinary. Eardrum, cochlea, all that. But - Shh! He's ready. Will you kick that switch. It works better in the dark." 


Foundation And Empire (Isaac Asimov, 1952)

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