BLACK PENCIL & CD presentation Roderik de Man

Het Bethaniënklooster Amsterdam, 18 December 2011, 15:00 hrs




Het Bethaniënklooster Amsterdam

Sunday 18 december 2011, 15:00 hrs

Concert Series Muziekmijn Foundation

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Een buitengewoon afwisselend programma en feestelijke presentatie kakelverse Dubbel-CD van Roderik de Man !


Jorge Isaac: recorders & artistic direction
Matthijs Koene: panpipes

Esra Pehlivanli: viola
Marko Kassl: accordion
Enric Monfort: percussion

Fanny Alofs: mezzo-soprano (special guest)



Black Pencil's latest program 'Pulso LLanero' features a unique combination of contemporary works specially written for the ensemble together with sparkling arrangements of folk tunes from the northern coast of South America.


Fanny Alofs

Black Pencil is a composer's dream, putting their excellent musicianship to the test with our often demanding pieces and presenting them passionately and very convincingly to attentive audiences.
Roderik de Man (composer)





Black Pencil evokes a unique sound world of melody, polyphony, and abstraction.

The ensemble is a great representative of new ways of combining folk cultures and contemporary art.
Sefik Kahramankaptan (Andante Music Magazine)



Program Pulso Llanero:

Nico Huijbregts (1961): Farfanesque (2011)*
Chiel Meijering (1954): Danzai (2011)*
Antonio Lauro (1917-1986): Seis por Derecho (1967; arr. Black Pencil, 2011)
Louis Aguirre (Cuba; 1968): Liturgia de Igbodú II (2011) ** World premiere
Héctor Moro (Chili; 1965): Interior Holandés IV (2011) ** World premiere
B.C. Manjunath: Duo (arr. Black Pencil, 2010)
Roderik de Man (1941): Black Pencil Music (2010) **
Roderik de Man (1941): Fuerza Interior (2011) *

Roderik de Man (1941): Thou Single Wilt Prove None (2011) *

CD-presentation Roderik de Man 'Past and Present Tracks'

* commissioned by the Performing Arts Fund NL
** commissioned by the VisiSonor Foundation




VisiSonor Records proudly presents the new CD-production of the Dutch composer Roderik de Man ‘Past & Present Tracks’. This double CD album features a fine selection of compositions written between 1991 and 2011, performed by Black Pencil , Duo MARES, Harry Spaarnay, Jorge Isaac, Nieuw Sinfonietta, Osiris Trio, Roentgen Connection, Esra Pehlivanli, Matthijs Koene, Michael Bonaventure, Reinhold Westerheide, Fanny Alofs, Anahi Oraison, Marij van Gorkom, Chiel van Hofwegen and Annelie de Man, among other distinguished artists.



“This double CD is dedicated to my wife Annelie de Man, the love of my life and excellent musician, who passed away in 2010”.


Roderik de Man (1941) has a profound understanding for and love of musical instruments and a deep appreciation for the performer’s world. He plays several instruments himself, aside from percussion, and has built up a collection of them, including quite rare examples. When he is composing a new work for guitar, you will fi nd a borrowed instrument leaning against the wall of his studio, so that he can try out possibilities for himself. This handson approach to music not only refl ects a fascination with the nuts and bolts of the art, but also refl ects the very practical and self-reliant nature of the man. But his practicality extends even further - once, after writing a gigantic “impossible” chord for piano, he took great pleasure in designing and building the wooden device needed to execute it.

Roderik de Man is equally concerned with the musical potential of the human voice. It is also remarkable how often he combines instruments and/or vocal sound with electronics. Referring to this, he speaks of his music as somehow existing “on the borderlines”. But, by this, he also refers to the way it exists between classical and non-classical genres.

His aim is to combine the best from diverse musical territories, and perhaps there you
see again something of the man behind the music, for he is an enthusiastic traveller, both England and Indonesia being virtually second homes to him.

One of the main trends in De Man’s music has been to arrive at a realistic sort of
innovation and virtuosity through close collaboration with certain chosen performers.
He is drawn to musicians who are not just virtuosi but who gladly accept the challenge
of investing the time and effort necessary to realise the sometimes extreme demands
posed by contemporary music. There have been many such collaborations throughout
his composing career, and the most remarkable of these was with his late wife, the
harpsichordist Annelie de Man. This CD is dedicated to her, and she was the chief
inspiration among that select group of performers the composer turned to again and


Geoffrey King